Child Mindset Development Coaching

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Imagine the days leading up to when your child is ready to embark on the next chapter in their lives…without you. What are the core belief systems and mindset patterns you hope they are taking with them? 

You hope they: 

  • Have an unwavering understanding of who they are and what they are capable of.
  • Can adapt and problem solve.
  • Can speak up for themselves.
  • Truly know their worth and can recognize healthy relationships with others.
  • Are mindful. You hope they are able to recognize and correct situations that don’t feel quite right and are causing them to become mentally overwhelmed.
  • Are self-assured and can detach from peer pressure that goes against their values.
  • Are self-sufficient and have the skills they need to thrive. 

Meet Brittany Akin! Brittany is a certified teacher and child mindset development coach. In her 10+ years of experience, she has developed a specialized set of skills to help kids identify and overcome mindset patterns that hold them back from being the best versions of themselves. 

She believes in an empowered sense of self and that the best way to achieve that is to intentionally develop empowering mindsets at a young age. To accomplish this, she provides personalized and intentional instruction of the skills necessary for kids to not only recognize self-doubting and limiting mindsets, but also teach them strategies that can be used to combat and overcome these mindsets before they become permanent belief systems. 

Her mindset development coaching can allow your child to understand themselves from the inside out and build all of the skills necessary to work through anything that life throws at them – with confidence. It can reverse your child’s negative mindset patterns that might be impacting their mental, academic, or social growth- keeping them from being into their best selves. 

We tutor the development of their academics. We train the development of their athletics. Why would we not give intentional support to the development of the mindsets that influence who they are?

Interested in working with Brittany? Services she currently offers include:

  • Small group and homeschool co-op workshops – These workshops are held in an outdoor setting and are designed around developmentally appropriate games, activities, and challenges that intentionally build empowering mindset and social-emotional skills. The social setting offers an environment for supportive collaborative learning that fosters self-awareness and critical thinking. Workshop activities are individualized by the participants’ natural strengths and interests. 
  • Individual coaching sessions – These sessions offer complete personalization and one-on-one attention of your child’s focus areas and mindset skill building needs. 
  • Parent collaboration sessions – These sessions offer the opportunity to identify your child’s specific areas of need and learn new strategies and activities you can implement on your own. 

To learn more about her services, check out her website:, follow her coaching page on Facebook: @BrittanyAkinCoaching, or email her at 


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