Ice Cream & Other Cool Treat Spots in Oldham County

Whether you’re in the mood for an ice cream cone, shake, frozen drink or something fruity, Oldham County has plenty of choices!
ice cream in Oldham County

When the weather heats up, we start looking for ways to cool down. A cool treat always gets the job done! Check out where to find ice cream and other frozen treats in Oldham County.


Dough Baby Donuts
They have teamed up with Blue Belle Ice Cream and offer a variety of sundaes and other ice cream concoctions using their donuts, pastries and other baked items! 

LaGrange Coffee Roasters
If you’re wanting a frozen treat with a little pick me up, try a frozen or iced coffee!  They also now have soft serve ice cream in their coffee shop. Visit them and the other great places on Main Street!

Neveria y Paleteria Cinco de Mayo
Try a unique frozen treat with a fresh fruit twist!

Oldham Nutrición
Located behind Dairy Queen, this place serves up protein shakes, energy teas and other drinks.  My kids really like the bubble tea (minus the extra energy boost that can be added). The bursting bubbles add a little fun to the drink.

Revival Coffee Company
You’ll find this trailer parked in the LaGrange Square parking lot. They serve teas, Italian ice drinks and frozen coffees. Go check them out!

McDonald’s & Dairy Queen
These are both locally owned franchises!


Fitz Freeze Frozen Treats
They have a new location near the Oldham County Middle School campus on Hwy 146. They offer Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Novelty Ice Cream. Sit outside at one of their many picnic tables and enjoy a colorful shaved ice! Listen for their ice cream truck visiting a neighborhood near you!


Red Peppermint Frozen Yogurt (It closed during COVID, we are not sure if it is re-opening or not. The deli and pizza sides are definitely open.)
This frozen yogurt shop is connected to the delicious and very popular Red Pepper Deli.  We love to grab lunch at Red Pepper Deli and then a frozen yogurt treat.  The kids love the different toppings!

Shiver Shack
This family-owned shaved iced business is open seasonally during the warmer months in Crestwood Station.  They offer a variety of combos and other flavors.  The small is HUGE! (Bring cash and make sure you check their facebook page during bad weather.)

Wilder’s Café
Wilder’s Café serves Blue Bell ice cream. Get it by the scoop or as a milkshake!  They also serve delicious smoothies.

Dairy Queen, McDonald’s & Burger King
You can usually find a coupon for a deal on a treat or they offer BOGO specials during the week.  Do you have a favorite DQ treat? Use the McDonald’s or Burger King app to find deals on cool treats.


Knock on Wood Country Mercantile
Did someone say ice cream pie?  Holy cow – their ice cream pie slices are BIG!  It is worth the drive down the hill to visit this restaurant for a cool treat.  The homemade ice cream pies, ice cream cookie sandwiches and shakes are so delicious!


IGA has a soft serve ice cream machine!  Don’t forget about Dairy Queen & McDonald’s!