Nachand Canoe & Kayak Rental in Prospect

Here is a fun outdoor activity just outside Oldham County that you should check out this summer!

Nachand Canoe & Kayak offers kayak, canoe, and paddle board rentals.  Take a trip down Harrods Creek in Prospect with one of the rentals!

Rental times are either 4 or 8 hour trips down Harrods Creek.  Prices vary for each type of rental and online booking is available.  Walk-up rentals are an option, but it’s best to make reservations ahead of time. Our group was a mix of single and double kayak rentals.  The cost for a single kayak rental for 4 hours is $35 and the double kayak rental is $60.  

You can choose to venture down Harrods Creek or up toward the Ohio River and the Captain’s Quarter’s area. You will pass a few slow-moving boats on Harrods Creek, but the majority of our trip was smooth, peaceful, deep water.  There were quite a lot of down trees and debris in the creek during our trip, but nothing we couldn’t navigate. 

One other characteristic of Harrods Creek we should mention is that there is little to no current on it.  Trips booked with Nachand do not include a designated end or pick up point.  That means you have to reserve time to make the trip back to the launch area.  A bonus to no current means you aren’t paddling against it on the way back.

Harrods Creek offers areas of shade at some points because both banks are tree lined.  We saw several deer along the banks and turtles sunbathing on logs.  Harrods Creek Park is visible during the trip also.  

We saw many families enjoying the rentals either in kayaks or canoes.  There are paddleboards for adults and children available for rental also.  We loved doing this with other couples as a fun outdoor activity.  Make sure you pack waters and maybe some light snacks.  There are spots on the kayaks to secure small coolers.  You can also bring your dog along for the ride.

Nachand Canoe and Kayak Rental is located at 7001 River Road in Prospect.  Rentals are available 7 days a week.