Rosedale Farm U-Pick Flowers

Oldham County has a unique outdoor experience waiting to be discovered. You can cut your own flowers at this farm in Crestwood.

Rosedale Farm has u-pick flowers available by appointment on select dates. We recently visited and found the experience to be fun and peaceful.

Once you arrive, baskets and shears are ready for you.  The baskets make it so easy to stroll up and down the rows of flowers.  We recommend walking around to see what flowers are available to pick and thinking of a color palette for your arrangement. Farm owner, Jessi is also happy to answer any questions or give you tips on choosing and cutting the flowers.

The timeslots are for two hours and give you plenty of time to enjoy the experience.  You might hear or see some of the Rosedale Farm animals during your visit, too.  Sweet sheep were on one side of the flower garden and a loud rooster announced his presence several times during our visit.  One of the farm kitties might also join you during your pick time.

After you’re finished collecting your flowers, there’s a spot to arrange them in a bucket.  The flowers are then packaged together in paper for you to take home.  You can bring your own vase or other vessel, but the basket and bucket stay at Rosedale Farm and are not included in the u-pick fee.

You’ll find that you have enough flowers for several arrangements or a very large arrangement.  Rosedale Farm welcomes private parties for special occasions or just an excuse to get together with friends and loved ones.  They also offer flower subscriptions that include ten pick times. 

You can extend your visit to Crestwood by going to one of Crestwood’s local restaurants, coffeeshops or Third Turn Oldham Gardens.  U-pick begins in July and will go until October.  U-pick dates are usually during the week and weekends are reserved for subscribers and private events.

This was a lovely, enjoyable experience for us!  Strolling the beautiful rows of flowers with the gorgeous 1800s farmhouse and farm animals in the background is a pleasant way to spend an evening or morning in Oldham County.  Following Rosedale Farm on Instagram and Facebook is this best way to snag an open u-pick time.  Slots are posted on the website for the upcoming week, or you can message Rosedale Farm if you’re looking for a specific date and time. 

Rosedale Farm is a private residence.  The u-pick times are by appointment only and the address will be messaged to you after you have signed up and paid for a u-pick time.  Visit their FAQ page for more information.