Black Horse Manor Farm Tours

Agritourism is a great way for families to combine family-fun, education and the outdoors together.

Black Horse Manor in Pleasureville has a wonderful farm tour that we recently got to experience.

Black Horse Manor is a thirty minute drive from Oldham County. Expect to see several farms during your drive with beautiful fields filled with crops and animals that will spark conversations about farm life and agriculture.  Once you arrive at Black Horse Manor you will have the sweetest welcoming committee waiting for you. Owner, Jannie Giles will have to let you in the farm gate along with the 10+ alpacas, llamas, donkeys and farm dogs all roaming freely in her front fields.
Baby Llama
Our first stop on the tour was inside the barn where we met Jannie’s champion Friesian and Saddlebred horses.  Jannie opened several of the stalls for us, allowing us to pet the horses while she told us the history, heritage and accolades of each one. Several of the horses have music connections. One horse was in a Tanya Tucker music video and another has ties to rock band, Aerosmith. The barn also has an indoor arena which can be used in case the weather is not suitable.  
Feeding the llamas and alpacas.
We also got to meet a couple of special new members of Black Horse Manor in the barns. We met a young colt and learned about the care required to make sure he stays healthy.  The other special baby we met was a llama and her mother in one of the barn stalls. Jannie allowed us to meet the new baby and pet him to help socialize him. The kids loved feeling his soft new coat.
Learning about Friesian & Saddlebred Horses.
At this point in the tour, we noticed that the farm dogs were definitely a part of the tour as well. They were always nearby asking for a pet or to throw a toy. If the kids were sitting on the ground, more than likely they had a dog in their lap in no time. Jannie explained how most of her farm animals (big and small) were rescues.  The farm tours help with taking care of all of the special animals. 
Boomer was just one of the friendly farm dogs.
We made our way back to the front of the farm to finally see the llamas and alpacas that had greeted us when we arrived, but first stopped to say hello to two donkeys.  Jannie quickly grabbed some feed for us and the kids were able to see them up close and give them a little treat. 
The animals were so friendly.
The llamas and alpacas at Black Horse Manor are super friendly! We hand fed them feed, learned to pet them on their necks and had several fun and sweet photo opps. They are quite big animals, but super docile and these were particularly well socialized. Just like with all of the other farm animals, Jannie had special stories for each llama and alpaca. We learned about their coats, the differences between the two animals and quirky personality traits. Another hands-on experience was helping the alpacas and llamas cool off with a quick spray from the hose. 
Such sweet creatures.
Visitors can book customized tours at Black Horse Manor to fit the group needs.  Right now, tours are limited to 10 guests and the price is $20 for adults and $10 for children. Jannie also offers off-site birthday parties that include the llamas and alpacas. The Friesian horses can also be booked for unique Medieval photo shoots.  Emailing or calling Jannie Giles is the best way to arrange your visit. Her information is available on her website.
Time for a cuddle.
Black Horse Manor Farm is located at 2941 Washburn Road Pleasureville, Kentucky 40057. Mulberry Orchard is a quick five minute drive from the farm and can easily be included in you plans for family fun.