Dance Classes in Crestwood at All About Kids

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 photo AAK_Dance_02_zpsq6xipx35.jpgThere are many options for dance classes around Louisville. All About Kids offers options for children of all ages and in many styles of dance. At Step One Dance Studio at All About Kids, we love to dance. We love to teach dance classes for kids and most importantly – we love kids! The wide variety of dance classes we offer ranges from toddler dance classes to traditional ballet, tap and jazz. We even offer dance classes that focus on popular Jazz techniques, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and so much more.

Step One’s dance studio is one of the best dance studios in Louisville. We have a dance sub-floor that protects our talented dancers from injury while our highly trained dance professionals challenge your little dancer in every class. Take a virtual tour here.

 photo AAK_Dance_11_zpsjf7eymsy.jpgAt Step One Dance Studio, we know that dance can truly make a difference in a child’s life. Taking dance-classes at Step One Dance Studio can help build strong and graceful bodies. Dance classes also builds self-confidence, poise, coordination, determination, creativity and an appreciation for what the human body is capable of doing. And because our dance instructors are All About Kids, our dance classes are lots of fun too!

 photo AAK_Dance_07_zps1tiz5czm.jpgWe offer unique dance classes like dancing tumblebears, which is a combination of dance and gymnastics. A fun filled class that teaches the basic principles of ballet and gymnastics as well as many important life lessons. While learning how to express ourselves through creative movement we are also learning to take turns, follow directions, listen for musical cues and so much more. It’s a great class for your little one that wants to do a little of both and keeps them active and interested while having lots of fun!

We offer more specific classes also, like ballet and poms for your child to grow into the superstar dancer they are meant to be! Our ballet class focuses on learning traditional dance consisting of ballet barre, work in the center and combinations traveling across the floor.  This is a preparatory class to learn proper technique as well as strengthening the legs and ankles for pointe shoes.  This class is perfect for dancers with a great amount of focus, dedication to dance and anyone who wants to take their dance technique to the next level.

Our new poms class is perfect for your dancer to improve their skills when preparing for or continuing on to school dance team.

 photo AAK_Dance_09 1_zpsvu2wpqj8.jpgThey will learn dance team technique, poms skills and proper dance terminology. This class is designed for dancers who are looking to be on a poms or school dance team or wanting to perfect their skills through the year!

Step One Dance Studio is a great place to start or continue learning dance for all ages! We take great pride in teaching more than just classes. We build happy, healthy, confident kids through sports while teaching kids self-confidence through hard work and increasing their self-esteem through our lessons.  Call our office today for a FREE trail class in one of our awesome dance classes. Information and a virtual tour here.

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