Hiking & Walking Trails in Oldham County, KY

Kentucky’s weather is always changing and sometimes it can be perfect for a hike! Whether you’re looking for a beginner trail or a few miles, we have a list for you.

The county has a variety of trails for all skill levels and distances – something for everyone!  Below is a list of some of our favorite areas to get out and explore with your family!


Briar Hill Park includes a nice, paved path, creek, a natural path and according to KYMBA currently there are mountain bike trails under construction. Restrooms, new playground equipment, tennis courts and sand volleyball court. Free, operated by Oldham County Parks & Recreation.
Fox Hollow Farm has hiking trails. 

Peggy Baker Park has a new paved walking path.

The Maples Park has a paved walking path.

Yew Dell Gardens boasts more than a mile of hiking trails, three woodland ponds, and loads of space to get away from it all in the terrific garden spaces with numerous walks and neat buildings. Visitors can access trails through the gate at the base of the meadow below the castle.  (Make sure you close the gate behind you to keep deer from entering the gardens!) Explorer backpacks and a scavenger hunt game are available for families to check out, too! Restrooms are available. See admission and hours on their website.

Pewee Valley

Central Park is a beautiful place for a quick, quiet stroll. Train lovers can walk over to the red caboose for a photo opp.  Free, community led project.

There is a sidewalk that will take you from Crestwood to Pewee Valley down Hwy 146.  Walk straight down 146 or veer off down one of the great sideroads.


Morgan Conservation Park is a hidden gem with several trails (some steep, but worth it), good sized creek that begs exploration, small waterfalls, an old barn, ponds, a glade, meadows, and an old family burial site. No restrooms. Perfect to pair with a stop for the tastiest ice cream pies ever at Knock on Wood Country Mercantile in Westport and a visit to the little riverside Schamback Park.. Both parks free, operated by Oldham County Parks & Recreation.

Wendell Moore Park offers great paved paths with some running alongside the water. Paved paths can be located past the football fields. Visitors can choose to do the measured loops or continue around all the way back to the playground or even farther connecting to the next property via the path behind the John W. Black Aquatic Center. Restrooms, new playground equipment, tennis, covered picnic areas and more! An added bonus is that you can fish at a floating dock or from the bank.  Free, operated by Oldham County Parks & Recreation. (Park located in Buckner area.)

Wilborn Park is near L&N Lake where you can see (but not feed) lots of geese. There are no hiking trails available, but there is a tiny nature exploration off to the side, as you enter the park, with pretty photo opportunities.  There is also plenty of room to stretch your legs in the park, walking around the L&N Lake trail that includes several wooden bridges. Restrooms and playground. Free, operated by City of La Grange.

Oldham County Greenways has, in addition to the great paths at Wendell Moore Park, completed several other projects and has an inspired master plan to bring more safe pedestrian and bike trails that will preserve and enhance the natural environment and outdoor recreational opportunities, for the quality of life for citizens, visitors, and wildlife. Check out their site for other places to venture! Commerce Parkway is great for walking and bike riding!


Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve is a wonderful place with numerous trails, a paved path, woodland garden, ponds, small seasonal waterfall, lots of places to rest, nature center open during special events & limited weekdays, and so much more! Restrooms and playground. Free, donor supported.


Oldham YMCA Outdoor Walking Trail is available to the community for those who want a breath of fresh air.  YMCA members can enjoy all of the other popular facilities and fitness opportunities they offer.


Belknap Community Park at Lion’s Club is a nice quick stop with a short loose gravel trail around the perimeter of property and small seasonal waterfall. Small, old-school playground. No restrooms. Free, supported through event rentals at the facility.

Prospect (Jefferson County)

Harrods Creek Park is a fantastic space that has several trails, one of which goes alongside the creek with swinging benches to rest or enjoy the view. Other trails offer more challenge and a good variety. No restrooms. Free, operated by City of Prospect.
Little Hunting Creek Park has a fun little shallow stream and very short trail that may eventually connect to Putney Pond trails. No restrooms. Free, operated by City of Prospect.
Putney Pond & Woodlands offers a few trails with some steep areas.  You can also walk over to the pond. This park will eventually connect to Hunting Creek Park Trail. No restrooms. Free, operated by City of Prospect.
Hays Kennedy Park features a short walking or biking paved path, but many don’t realize there is the lovely Garvin Brown Preserve on the other side with charming pastoral views, pretty hiking trails, and even access to a fun little spot on the river. Restrooms, playground and basketball available on the park side. Free, park operated by City of Louisville and preserve provided by River Fields.