Knock on Wood & Country Mercantile in Westport

If you head up US 42 in Oldham County, take a left on Hwy 524 and travel for another 3 miles you’ll reach the small town of Westport, Kentucky.

You’ll notice all of the historical marker signs lining the roads in Westport. Westport was established in 1792 and was once a bustling town thanks to the Ohio River. Our family likes the quiet and small town feel of Westport.

Many people travel down to Westport for access to the boat ramp, but our family usually visits for a bite to eat at Knock on Wood & Country Mercantile. If you haven’t heard of this great little hidden gem, the cafe and shop has been around for twenty years!

Knock on Wood & Country Mercantile is half cafe and half shop.  The cafe side serves small plates of sandwiches, salads, quiches, soups and a great variety of sides.  They also serve breakfast on the weekends.  Our favorite part about the cafe are the several pies and Blue Bell ice cream!  It’s hard to choose just one slice of their homemade pie, especially when they’re all calling your name behind the display case. There are several tables, booths and counter seating in the cafe, or choose a spot outside on the front porch.

We love to visit just for a dessert!  Between the fresh baked pies, ice cream pies, cookies and Blue Bell Ice Cream, there is a sweet treat for everyone.  There’s something special about sitting on the front porch with a slice of pie or a scoop of ice cream.  It’s peaceful in Westport and directly next door is the old Post Office which is always a topic of conversation with my family. 

While you wait for your food, be sure to look around the store.  Each corner, table, shelf and wall has something on it. The store carries clothing, candles, jewelry, seasonal decor, furniture and more. There is a good mixture of country and modern goods in the store. 

We can’t drive down to Westport without driving down to the banks of the Ohio River. My kids like to walk out on the docks and watch the water or stick their feet in it.  Directly across the river is nothing but beautiful trees.  The leaves are quite the sight in the fall. Like we mentioned before, there is a boat dock down by the river too if you want to kayak or boat. 

Schamback Park is also down by the river if you want to grab something to go from Knock on Wood and picnic at one of the picnic tables or in the grass.  There is a small playground and covered gazebo at the park too.  Or if you want to head to Morgan Conservation Park first and work up an appetite hiking, Knock on Wood is a great place to grab a bite to eat.

Whether you are looking to launch a boat into the Ohio River, looking for a peaceful environment or want to take a stroll through a small town, Westport is a great place to visit.  Let Knock on Wood take care of treating you to delicious food, a cool treat or cup of sweet tea. Knock on Wood is located at 7001 Main Street, down the hill on the left.