Mitten Mystery from the Oldham County Public Library

Well, it’s no mystery that Oldham County has a pretty spectacular public library! They have once again created family fun for our community to enjoy.

Hop in your car this week and take a little adventure to solve the Mitten Mystery! The Oldham County Public Library put together a fun scavenger hunt that families can safely do from their vehicles. The mystery runs February 22-27.

Grab a Mitten Mystery sheet from any of the three Oldham County Library branches or download it online here. Read your first clue and enjoy the hunting!  The hunt is designed to take you around Oldham County, but you get to decide which destination you’re going to next along the way.

You can go at your own pace and go as far or as close by as you choose. Follow the clues on the signs and go to six total stops.  Make sure you read the signs to see the suggested activity that goes along with each stop.  Complete the activity using the adventure sheet.  At your last stop, show your completed sheet and collect your prize (while supplies last).

The clues on the signs are clearly displayed and can be read from your vehicle.  You do not need to get out of your vehicle until you collect your prize.  The stops are all in Oldham County and could possibly take you to areas and places that you might not have visited before!

How long it takes you to complete the Mitten Mystery depends on where you choose to go.  We chose destinations close to our area of town because we had a time constraint.  We recommend making the most of the hunt and really branching out to other areas in the county.  Do keep in mind that some of the stops do close at dusk.  We also recommend packing a few colored pencils or crayons to complete the adventure sheet. Enjoy the hunting and make sure you say thank you to the awesome librarians!