Pink Julep Boutique Beauty Bar

Pink Julep Boutique in Prospect has a special new Beauty Bar set up in their store where little and big shoppers can customize products and have fun.The boutique has been open in Prospect for about a year now and is always adding new and seasonal products to their shelves. One can expect to find gifts, candles, shoes, clothing, soaps, jewelry and more inside the boutique.

On the day we visited Pink Julep Boutique, we were looking for new face masks (which Pink Julep carries plenty of) and to check out the cute new Beauty Bar.  Located towards the back of the store is a Beauty Bar that attracts little girls with it’s aroma and colorful display.  The Beauty Bar tables are decorated in cute pink tutus and several self-service beauty areas.

We were given a quick overview of each of the products and my daughter made her choices. She thought it was fun to choose each bath salt, creating a tube of colorful layers.  She also chose the sugar scrub and got to test out a sample in the restroom to see how it works and how it would make her hands feel after using it. She was sold!

The sugar scrubs look good enough to eat.  My daughter used an ice cream scooper to select up to three different “flavors” and placed them in her container.  She then had the option to add some sprinkles on top of her scrub if she liked. There is a table and chairs next to the Beauty Bar to sit and add the sprinkles and other embellishments. The sitting area can also be used for Beauty Bar parties or small groups that come in together.

The different customizable products on the bar include: bath salts, face and body glitter, sugar scrubs, lip gloss and lotion potion. Shoppers can also select from over fifteen different scents of bath bombs or shampoo and conditioner bars.  The shampoo and conditioner bars include a reusable travel container and are equal to 2-3 bottles of shampoo.  Little shoppers can feel great that they are helping the environment!

Not only are the products environmentally friendly, but are made of ingredients that you can feel good about. Each product includes a list of ingredients and the displays indicate if the products are vegan, gluten, paraben or sulphate free.  Essential oils are used in the products and the ingredients list boasts that they are gentle enough to use on a baby. One Beauty Bar item is $9 and there is a discount if three or more products are purchased.

You won’t be able to resist checking out the rest of the boutique while you visit the Beauty Bar. Pink Julep’s shop is full of cute, funny, yummy, unique and stylish goods. This is a great place to shop for yourself, teachers, your children and other special people. They carry a few baby gift items and are always updating their seasonal items whether it’s Halloween or Derby. 

Pink Julep Boutique is one of Oldham County’s great small businesses. Be sure to stop in to see what they have to offer. You won’t be disappointed in their selection or hospitality while you’re in the store. The Beauty Bar is a great addition to the boutique and a unique way to spend some time with your daughter, granddaughter or arrange for a small gathering to customize beauty products together. They are located at 13306 US Highway 42 in Prospect.