Quarantine Spring Break Fun

This year’s Spring Break will look very different for most of us this year. Our family is still looking forward to it despite having to stay home and find creative ways to enjoy the break and make do with what is available to us.

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Here are some ideas for you and your family using the acrostic: STAY SAFE.  Please remember to follow guidelines put in place by our local and state governments to help decrease the spread of COVID-19.  We want you guys to have fun, but also want you and your children to remain safe.


S – Schedule outdoor time.  Many of our area parks and state parks are still open, but with a few restrictions in place. Playgrounds may be closed, so be sure to discuss this with your children before arriving.  Arrange for other activities to do at the park. Some ideas that allow for social distancing: picnic, hike (check out our list here), bird watch, fish or ride a bike. Some restroom facilities are also closed at area parks, so plan accordingly.
T – Transform your home into your cancelled Spring Break plans.  Recreate your vacation using what you have at home.  Were you planning to go to the beach?  Find a beach screen saver and broadcast it on your television or other device.  Play some tropical music, dress in your best beach attire, put down some beach towels and drink some frozen drinks from a fun cup or straw.  Think of the fun you could have if Disney World was your planned destination! Were you planning to stay in the mountains? Pop up a tent in the backyard or basement!
A – Appoint your children as official party planners! Have them brainstorm a theme, get dressed up, decorate, prepare some fun, nontraditional snacks or a meal. 
Y – YouTube a new skill, game, hobby or anything really! Is there something you and your family want to learn and never found the time?  Well, now is a great time! Learn how to start a garden, play your dusty guitar, code, art! The possibilities are endless!

S – Serve others. Serving others can be as simple as popping an encouraging note in your neighbor’s newspaper box.  Write a handwritten note and mail it to loved ones that are stuck inside. Start a collection for food, household or other items.  Place an encouraging sign on your mailbox thanking your postal workers, garbage disposal workers and others helping the community.
A – Arrange a neighborhood or family game of bingo, a scavenger hunt, Yahtzee, Pictionary or any other game that allows for social distancing.  Zoom is a great, free way to connect with large groups using a phone or computer.
F – Find some time for you and your spouse/significant other to reconnect, but have your kids plan the fun stay at home date night! You can help them prepare a small meal or get takeout from an Oldham County restaurant.  They can set a fancy table for you using your nice dishes, candles and flowers found outside.  Find a list of appropriate and fun questions they can ask about the two of you. For more help, we found this great Date Night list here.
E – Enjoy the downtime! Spring Break doesn’t have to entail spending a ton of money or running from place to place.  Schedule a movie marathon with your family.  If you can’t find a series on Netflix or another streaming service, ask neighbors, family or friends if they have DVDs you can borrow.  An outdoor movie around a campfire sounds like a lot of fun! Stargaze while you’re out in the dark!